Why travel needs you, and why you need to travel…

For the last 6/8 months I, like the rest have us have had to stay at home to “stay safe, protect the NHS and save lives” which at the start I was more than happy to do. There was a new deadly virus that we didn’t understand, no one had ever seen before and weContinue reading “Why travel needs you, and why you need to travel…”

How to have the perfect city break in Liverpool, England.

When you are planning on visiting a city for the first time it can cause a huge headache trying to plan everything as you want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time there, and of course, your money. From finding the right hotels in the best areas, without having toContinue reading “How to have the perfect city break in Liverpool, England.”

Santorini’s 5 Most Luxurious Hotels and Resorts

If you have read my previous blog on how to live a Champagne lifestyle on a Lambrini budget in Santorini (and if not…check it out ðŸ˜‰) you will see that I wanted to spend a night in a luxury suite in the stunning and world-famous village of Oia. My tick list for our stay included a CalderaContinue reading “Santorini’s 5 Most Luxurious Hotels and Resorts”

Santorini…I bloody LOVE you

I am well aware that this sounds cheesy as f**k but Santorini really is the gift that keeps on giving!!  I feel like no matter how many times you go to Santorini, it never gets boring and the views just seem to get better and better every time! I have been three times now and Rory hasContinue reading “Santorini…I bloody LOVE you”

Travelling during a pandemic…completed it mate!

On Thursday we flew from Manchester to Santorini, and I am not sure what I was expecting but it really was…effin brilliant! I have flown from a very young age and am lucky enough to fly at least 4-5 times a year (no I am not rich…I am a travel agent…every job has to have itContinue reading “Travelling during a pandemic…completed it mate!”

Hi, I’m Heather and I HATE packing

Ok, so this is my first ever blog and to be honest I don’t even know what the hell I am going to write…so bear with me! Before I get into chatting my rubbish…which I can assure you I will, I think that I should introduce myself and tell you a few random shitty factsContinue reading “Hi, I’m Heather and I HATE packing”