Love Our Travels

A thirty something, travel mad, wine drinker trying to navigate adulthood

Well, hello there!

I’m Heather, a thirty something, travel obsessed, wine drinking, foodaholic with a foul mouth and a habit of oversharing!

I will be sharing my travel and life experiences, tips and of course fails…we all have them but not very many people are honest about them.

What I can promise is a very honest blog (sometimes far too honest) with hopefully some laughs (even if it is at my expense…which it more than likely will be) as I navigate my way through adulthood….I still can’t beleieve I am an actual real life adult.

I hope you enjoy reading me chatting on absolute rubbish and that you can somehow relate and most importantly have a laugh as life is too bloody short to be boring and serious!

If you have any feedback it would be great to read your comments…unless they are negative and then you can shove them up your arse and keep them to yourself…Thanks


Good things come to those who book flights

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