The Prettiest Hotels in The Cotswolds, England.

When you imagine England the first thing that comes to mind (no not the huge amount of kebab shops and overweight people…including me) is the beautiful quintessential villages, made up of cobbled streets and chocolate box cottages. For me, this is everything that the beautiful area of the Cotswolds is about…just like in the filmContinue reading “The Prettiest Hotels in The Cotswolds, England.”

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Hi, I’m Heather. A travel mad, thirty something who swears too much, eats too much and drinks too much! Wife to Mr Love (AKA the grumpy photographer) and dog mom to Bailey & Zola (the little shits) but I love them dearly…most of the time anyway! I’ll be sharing my travel and life experiences with you and hopefully making you laugh, after all life is too short to be miserable.

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