Hi, I’m Heather and I HATE packing

Ok, so this is my first ever blog and to be honest I don’t even know what the hell I am going to write…so bear with me!

Before I get into chatting my rubbish…which I can assure you I will, I think that I should introduce myself and tell you a few random shitty facts that you wont even care about, so here goes…

  • I am 34 years old and got married to Rory (Mr Love…the grumpy photographer) last year after 8 years of being together…and 8 years of putting up with each other’s annoying habits…his not mine, obviously 😉
  • We live in the not so sunny West Midlands with our two dogs (or as I like to call them, little shits) but in all honesty I am obsessed and a full on dog mom…but I draw the line at dressing them up though…for the time being anyway!
  • I have worked in travel for 10 years and absolutely love it. Coronavirus has had a huge effect on our industry, but I know we will come back bigger and better…these things take time and as they say…Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  • I swear…way too much! My excuse is that I used to be a Butlins Redcoat and worked abroad singing and working in hotels…so I am making up now for not being able to curse to my hearts content back in the day (which is a shit excuse but I am rolling with it)😉
  • I HATE packing…I wish I was a Kardashian and had someone to pack for me and plan my outfits…but I am not so I have to do it myself and drive myself insane during the process!
  • I LOVE my food…maybe a little bit too much as none of my clothes fit…I wonder how much longer I can blame lockdown for my weight gain?! Oh and wine…I love wine 😊

The last two years have been the hardest of our lives after loosing both of Rory’s amazing parents from cancer…FUCK YOU CANCER. Just when we began to see a light at the end of the tunnel along came a global pandemic…who would ever have thought this time last year that this would be happening?!

 If anything, we have learnt over the last few years that life really is too short and to spend time doing the things that you love with the people that you love. I love travelling….however Rory HATES holidays (Yes I am married to an absolute weirdo!) but everything that has happened over the last few years has flicked a switch in him and now he wants to experience new places and travel more…FINALLY!! So, I plan to take full advantage of his newly found interest in travel and intend to get as many trips rammed in as possible…after all, life really is too short!

Now I have bored you with my life story…I am going to bore you with our travel plans! So, on Thursday we are flying to Greece to do some island hopping…something Rory would have never have agreed to before, let alone be looking forward to!

We have booked 4 nights in Santorini which is our favourite Greek island…and also has the best Gyros I have ever tasted! As we have been to Santorini before, we plan to just relax, get some tan lines, eat all of the Gyros and drink all of the wine! Rory doesn’t know (and don’t worry he wont even read this) but I have also booked a night in a beautiful hotel in Oia with a Caledra sunset view and its own private pool as a once in a lifetime treat, he really does deserve it…but I do not intend on leaving the room with the amount I have paid for it so will be taking a bag full of snacks and most importantly wine with us to this hotel 😊

After our 4 nights in Santorini we are heading to Paros for 4 nights which I am really excited for as it looks so beautiful and traditionally Greek…Yes, I know its Greece before anyone pipes up! Then we are ending our trip in Mykonos where we will be spending 3 nights. I am looking forward to Mykonos but all I see is photos of models and insta influencers who weigh less than my right arm which makes me nervous…for some strange reason, but after a carafe or two of cheap Greek wine I know I wont give a shiny shit…plus Ill have a tan by then…and brown fat is always better than white fat, right 😉

My plan is to blog our trip (or bore you to death lol) with it. What I can promise is a no frills blog, my honest travel advice (I have a thing for sometimes being too honest!), drunken stories (which will no doubt end in some unidentified drinking injuries) and hopefully lots of laughs….fingers crossed not at my expense…but lets see what happens….only 2 days to go…YAMAS!

Published by loveourtravelsxx

A travel mad thirty something, winging her way through life and adulthood. Wife to Mr Love (The grumpy photographer) and dog mom to Bailey and Zola...the little shits. Will travel for food and sunsets and love me a glass of vino!

13 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Heather and I HATE packing

  1. Love this! I love all the honesty and the cursing! Can’t wait to see and hear about your holiday! Bloody jealous! X


  2. You have a fresh approach to life and blogging, so I’m assuming your travel is fun, somewhat erratic (whatever comes your way on some days), and awesome. You know yourself well and your husband, too, so you probably tailor travel to fit your lifestyle and whims. Good for you! And packing? Why worry? Anything goes now, so the lighter the better.
    Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. We have a lot of years on you, but we’re still giddy (well, some times) about travel and what we can see and do in a day. Looking forward to more posts from you!


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